Wednesday, May 22, 2013

On The Road Again

Out and about chasing 150-year-old ghosts and history, visiting the linchpin of the Confederacy Vicksburg Mississippi.  The Siege of Vicksburg by U S Grant was happening 150 years ago on this date and the Bosslady and I are visiting some friends who live here.  Today we toured the Vicksburg National Military Park run by the National Park Service.  I highly recommend the strategic map of the siege that is located in the park's Visitor Center.  Covering over 6 weeks of maneuvers and battles, it presented a clear picture of the campaign even for someone unfamiliar with the Civil War.  After viewing the presentation, we toured the battlefield.  (Did you know that Ohio is the only state that had troops in the campaign that doesn't have a state memorial - but has 39 regimental/battery monuments?  I didn't either...)
But in my opinion, the coolest part was the ironclad Cairo (pronounced Kay-row)museum.  After having been sunk by "torpedoes" (command-detonated mines) on the Yazoo River trying to run to the south of Vicksburg on the Mississippi, it was raised from the silt and mud that preserved it and is on display.
Of course, the majority of the wooden decks and interior bulkheads have been ravaged by time and water but the cannons and power plant were salvaged and preserved.  The 880 ton vessel is a striking museum exhibit and I'll post some photos after we return to Cleveland.
On the lighter side, the Bosslady - who is not noted for her culinary adventurousness - tried and like frog legs today.  Of such small steps do mighty journeys grow...

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