Friday, May 10, 2013


The latest "furor" about the 3-D printed weapons plans on the 'net and the Fed response is completely unacceptable.  The Feds should realize that there is presently a distribution-of-information that can't be stifled - there can only be short interruptions of the flow - temporarily.
Correct me if I'm wrong; but won't taking out the 'net under a "state-of-emergency" also take out the Facers and Twits?  Not a good idea if one has been offering the 'net as the "circuses" to go with the bread of 99-week unemployment.  Not that would happen....
The schwerpunkt is the fact that there is NO SINGULAR CRISIS POINT.  The left is nothing but relentless advocating "for the good of the children" and more control over the citizens of this republic.

As I see it, the socialist/progressives have make major inroads into most of the foundations of the republic - specifically educational institutions and mass media communications.  Using those platforms, the socialist/progressive/liberal powerfreaks have crippled the republic.It may be too late to reverse course, but I'd like to think not.

The Benghazi scandal had the unfortunate timing of the four deaths occurring during the regime of the Chicago Jeezus.  Despite the fact that the death toll was 4-0 Benghazi-to-Watergate, nothing will happen for that dereliction of duty (or Fast and Furious) - but you knew that.

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