Friday, May 03, 2013

Time For A Rant

It appears to take a lot to hit my buttons.  This did.  The "Nobody Seems Responsible" dance being done piously by the present administration has finally stuck in my craw.  Hello?  After the Benghazi incident, there is no room to lie.  There was a time that commanders on the ground could command minus 2 or 3 level hindsight.  After that, Kerry blew the moose overseas again and we should ignore it?  This is not the first time, much less the 2028th time.  Reality needs a base.

"Fast and Furious" as an initiative rather than a movie was a black mark on the "regulatory community" due to the insanity of the premise.  There has yet to be a denouement.  The basic premise was stupider than a Czar Clan of Obama.  It may not bode well for DOJmeister Holder. It should not go well for either of them.  Unless the Supes go apeshit....
What do you think?

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