Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bosslady Health Update/Real Life Update

The surgery (a lumpectomy/lymph node removal) and the surgeon (great guy - when did Doogie Howser appear to be the median age for surgeons?) was pleased with the pathology of the specimens.  Next up is an appointment with the oncologist next week followed by radiation therapy.  Thanks to those who weighed in with the Man Upstairs on her behalf.  She was feeling well enough to go to the live duck races held at the Post last night and work with me at the betting windows.  A good time was had by all even though it could have been better attended.
It appears Mr Bear is being transferred to a Texas branch of his company.  Did I mention this means he and his SO are being married by a judge Friday after next?  Still have no word about the time, but the Bosslady and I are going to be there and buy them dinner afterwards.  The following week she wants to spend helping Dotter out with the Tu-Tu'd Cowgirl because a baby-sitter is needed due to the regular sitter going on vacation.
The continuous round of fun that is life in Obama's America grinds on.


Wonderduck said...

... live duck races?

The Old Man said...

Yup. 6 ducklings/race and 10 races. See for an example.
Can't believe ya never been to one in Chicago (grin).