Friday, September 13, 2013

Good Week - So Far

Managed to get  the high-wear area on the front of the porch re-built (by one of the Swell Old Boys from the Post); then next day I  power-washed the porch.Thursday I spent the morning painting the whole thing with a Behr specialty porch paint.  Today, went with Bosslady and MIL to the Cleveland Zoo.  But I have proof I'm getting old....
My ass hurts.  By that, I mean that pushing her wheelchair seemed to stress my hip joints and they did not like that.  Eh, no pain; no pain....  But she had soooooo much fun that it was well worth it.  The Bosslady is probably pleased.
Tonight is Commander's Night at the Post - and I will see the Usual Suspects.  But things may happen shortly in the Post and I will not speculate in any manner yet.  The weekend could prove to be interesting for the Post; as well as another Post.

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