Tuesday, September 03, 2013

These People Are On Serious Drugs

Republicans should support some version of the authorization of force resolution. They should do so even if they think that the President’s policy will prove ineffective, do no good, waste money, or entail unforeseen risks; they should do so even if they think he has gotten the nation into this situation by blunders, fecklessness, arrogance, or naiveté; and they should so even if, and especially, if they have no confidence in his judgment. The simple fact is that the nation and our allies will be at further risk if the world sees a presidency that is weakened and that has no credibility to act. Partisans may be tempted to see such a result as condign punishment for the President’s misjudgments; they may feel that he deserves to pay the price for his hypocrisy and cheap and demagogic attacks on his predecessor. But at the end of the day, Republicans need to rise above such temptations; the stakes are too high. The weaker the president’s credibility on the world scene, the more the need to swallow and do what will not weaken it further. President Obama is the only president we have. That remains the overriding fact.
Pardon the hell out of me.  We should sign on to World War 3 because the President is a feckless moron?  That doesn't even make sense in McCain's world...  But, as even a broken clock is right twice a day, there does manage to emerge one fact(oid) from this progressive miasma:
One thing is certain: you cannot force a president in foreign affairs to follow a policy he does not believe in.

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