Saturday, October 05, 2013

Don't Get It

Why do we need to "open the shutdown government"?

Non-essential is a value judgement.  This judgement. has been officialy done.  94% of the EPA is non-essential?
Cool.  I thought non-essential meant what it said. Since ICE had to release several thousand folks, I guess those boys weren't doing a lot to protect the populace (not the borders, don't be confused).

If I were in charge of the (Blank) agency (whether grads of Glynco or not), I'd have to furlough everyone whose PARS included "diversity"  "awareness" or "outreach" as the primary reason for the FTE.
Not sure this "shutdown" is enough trimming of the .gov.  Real sure it won't stick. Despite the nonsense President Stompy Feet (God, I love that characterization/visual) did to be an alpha in this country he is powerless.  The House is only branch that can ORIGINATE any expenditure by the federal government.  Period. This in done in conjunction with the Senate.  The Executive branch is advisory only.
There are few things the is chartered to do.  These are enshrined in the Constitution.  I see the Constitution as defining a limited delegation of powers from the states to the three branches of the federal government (See 10th Amendment.) with everything else left to the people and states.
Conflict between the branches is expected.
Deliberate distortion of the of the views of the respective sides is not helpful to the problem, but it does appear to feed the coffers of the politicians.. This is no different.  As always, the MSM is beating up on Rethuglicans (their term, mine is RINOs) for the shutdown and doing their best to cover the (broke) NDC's butt.

Our problem is going to be surviving their follies and lies....

[UPDATE]  I guess the most important thing (and a laser focus) is this from the White House.  Thank you BHO for your work on behalf of the nation.  We would not survive another one we have been waiting for...

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