Monday, October 28, 2013

The Straws That Have Broken Our Backs

These items are merely my perceptions of what affects me and mine right now.

1.  Obamacare - The rollout has been everything we had been promised by the regime.  Can we say "overpromise and underperform"?  I knew we could..(gratuitous Mr Rogers reference....)
2.  QE - The dilution of the purchasing power of the dollar is running neck-and-neck with the US debt to claim the title of "Cause of The Final Collapse of the World Economy".  I don't think the Chinese will survive the collapse of the dollar.  The Brits and Aussies; will do well.  Until the Brits die due to multiculti; but that's another story.  It will be traumatic when the dollar blows, but it is closer than Congress thinks.  THEY think it will be after their terms.  Someone stands when the music stops...
3.  Obama's Foreign Policy - The President has done his best to rupture alliances, alienate allies, encourage our detractors/enemies and employ solid-state Marxists/morons in service to his vision.  "This is not good for children and other living things." as was said on a popular poster when I was younger...  The next President has to be of the Jeffersonian mold to repair the damage. 

Meanwhile, I'm still thinkin'...*

* - Gratuitous Mark Bolan/T-Rex reference

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