Monday, November 11, 2013

Ride, Captain, Ride

Steven Den Beste, Cpt. USS Clueless (Ret) has posted a very succinct analysis of the 2nd Amendment kerfluffle that disturbs the body politic:
One of the unspoken aspects of all this is that the primary purpose of the Second Amendment is to guarantee that the people of this nation have the means to rise up in revolution in case the government becomes too tyrannical. Neither side of the gun debate mentions this, because the lefties (the fans of tyranny) don't want to give anyone ideas, and the conservatives don't really want to, either.
The Clueless was a daily read for me. Chizumatic is too, even though I know bupkus about anime.  I found the Duck through that site.  So go read the whole (short) thing.

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