Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Saw This And Stole It....As Well As A Comment

From a fertile mind...

If it's not a joke, things are WAY out of hand. If it is a joke, things are only way out of hand.  (We get it.)  It's funny because it's almost belieberville.  It's not funny because there is no humor in the Zero Tolerance Rules that most of our kids live under at the  union-dominated government schools.
I'm not laughing - are you?  If so, why?  Last time I looked, the next generation(s) were supposed to be as well-off and free as we thought we were.  Instead, according to polls, they'll be worse off and less free than previous generations (see DHS,Patriot Act,NSA and ObamaCare).
I've about reached the point of Jubal Harshaw when he burned his DD214, although the "World Police" has not yet been declared supreme.
Time to go Galt.  Do as little as you can do and feed the tax machines as little as possible.  Starve the beast.  Have enough to keep you going for a while (I'd suggest 6 months) and barter as much as you can.
But that's just me.  I'm old and feeble - sort of.  But America the constitutional republic was what I swore my oath to; and what I revere.  The last 20-80 (depending on your chosen pivot-point) years have destroyed what I see in the Constitution as written.
Don't know as I'd like to live through the next 10-100 years - I assume it'll be that long prior to the end of the  Pax America - but it will come.  Nukes will be used repeatedly in the Mid East initially and life will get real hard for homo sapiens.
We should know in 200 or so years who wins.

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