Tuesday, January 21, 2014

This Is His Truth - Changes Daily; Check Back....

This gentle person has hit the nail:
Seems to be the same old.... NOT There are Constitutional realities.  Despite the actions of the Executive Brand.  So far, we are still under of Rule of Law, with some Executive Branch violaiins of the Constitution.  Infractions dictated by the gov. reaction to 9/11/11 have become SOP.
 I'm at the age I won't be able to  be the sharp edge of the collapse of the First World.  I will probably not survive the monetary collapse.
Sucks to be me.
But I tried to inure my kids with survival skills.  I have hope for them - I figure the Bosslady and  I will wind up advising other folks after thw crash.
We did our job as parental units..  Both our kids are tough enough to survive "life-as-we-know-it"..

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