Friday, April 25, 2014


I realize I have the readership numbers equal to the total number of permanent residents of Antarctica, but I will explain my latest lack-o-posting by stating that the Bosslady and I drove down to spend 9 days in Texas visiting the son and his lovely wife - plus assorted other relatives and friends.  Got to the Alamo and the Museum of the Pacific War in Adm Nimitz' home town, Fredericksburg.  Went to the range and finally fired the Walther P-38 I had given him for a graduation present years ago (he's a Glock man) along with several other pistolas.  Bosslady did fine and said she enjoyed herself.
Had some Texas chili at a place that claims to have invented chili powder.  Preferring my chili sans beans, I was definitely right with the folks at the Phoenix Saloon. Did a bowl of their "Ring of Fire" chili and it was outstanding.   Just wish the band hadn't done so much grunge....
Hope y'all had a great Easter too.

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