Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I Gots Sumpin' To Say

You know, I personally believe that these people should be increasingly alarmed at the prospect of mass jailings.  But that would not protect our-country-thank-you-very-much-Eric-Holder.  The administration has THRIVED on Cloward-Piven strategy that is killing the country as we used to know it.
DREAMERS.  Thanks - but why was there an RFP for 65K UAC* in January, 2014 by the gov?  When the previous numbers per year were about 6K.... Naw, we aren't being manipulated....

Fill in the list of bozos - as you see fit.  Personally, I think the PC po-po should be first on the list - followed by TSA, NSA,IRS, EPA and Congress. If we vote out ALL the incumbents, we may have a decent Congress in 12 years.
We have to shuffle the SES buttwads before then, as the regs allow - but is never done...  Those butt monkeys are the 1% who make citizens' lives hell as the diktats are formulated....  See the EPA for a prime example.

* - Unaccompanied children

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