Sunday, July 06, 2014

I Love This Thought Experiment!

Unfortunately for America and me, this is a real dream team that will never happen.  The Bolton and Palin assignments were worth the cost of admission - but were perfect.  I see no bright lights of politicos shining on the national problems.  Of either two-fer party.

The progressive side eats my shorts - nannily.
The tea folks want to repeal the 17th Amendment.  God Bless - if you all get your act together.  Yhe vast majority of the power folks in DC like it as it is.  They considered the future - and made legislation that would  keep them top dogs.  Then they passed it, y'anno?  IMHO, that's when the progressives won and began the dismantlement of the Connie.  Some will argue - I care not.  The increase in usurped Federal power is nearly  logrthymical.  This should frighten and alarm everyone. 

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