Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Had This Butt-Ugly Thought

I was reading a magazine that stated that the Nazis had gotten together 4,5 million soldiers for their foray into Russia.
 The thought struck me that America would be bloody lucky to get together a million troops in the USA and USMC from a much larger population base.
Of course this country didn't select for warriors.
As near as I can tell, there is a surplus of several million military-aged males in the Moslem countries - few of which have any prospects of wives or jobs.  This is not good.  Stuff could get nasty without some form of pressure release or another.  Could be internal or external.  Still not good.
The nice thing is the Islamic "quaint" custom of intermarrying (to include first cousins) has dropped their average IQ about 15 points - bad for the human race but good for their enemies.  Unfortunately the great surplus of military-aged males may lead to those in charge to believe that "quantity has a quality all it's own" when  historically it seems that quantity only seems to provides a graves registration problem.

It is going to get real ugly - worse than WW2. 

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