Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Started This As A Comment

WRT the Ferguson bidness:
It will burn.  Life will go on despite it  The decision has been made far above our pay grade.  Thanks Al, Jessie and your helpers, including Mr. Crump.  Bring marshmallows...
 I also have this comment - There were DOJ representatives at the "Gentle Giant" funeral as well as Saint Trayvon's.  Why none at the 700+ police funerals that have happened since Holder/Obama was inaugurated?  Why?  There are many dead black teenagers/men every year in Detroit, Saint Louis, Chicago - fill in the blank! - but 90% of the murders of blacks are done by blacks.

In the military, I lived and worked with fine black Americans (Shout out to Little Brother Ray - Love you, my man!!) .  After that I  worked with some great folks and some not-so-great folks who were pink, yellow, amber and mahogany and just plain annoying, for one reason or another.

I do believe Americans should be prickly WRT the government and anyone else who wishes to be in charge.   Too much government/regulation restricts your choices - not right.

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