Sunday, November 02, 2014

Tis Is A Major Truth, Cherie

I have a friend that dog-and-house-sits for me and the Bosslady (and the furkids) whos is SUCH a lo-fo voter.  She thinks it's funny.  This, from Blue, is for her.....

Any questions?


Anonymous said...

I am an American man, and I have decided to boycott American women. In a nutshell, American women are the most likely to cheat on you, to divorce you, to get fat, to steal half of your money in the divorce courts, don’t know how to cook or clean, don’t want to have children, etc. Therefore, what intelligent man would want to get involved with American women?

American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste. The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting, to say the least.

This blog is my attempt to explain why I feel American women are inferior to foreign women (non-American women), and why American men should boycott American women, and date/marry only foreign (non-American) women.


The Old Man said...

Really? Y'all aren't happy because you can't get laid?
If you can't cook, it be your fault. Most of the Americans are immature. (Look at the 2008/2012 presidential election results.) What is your little point? Do you wish to change this country or just cry and whine because there are a WHOLE bunch of women smarter than you? (One of which I am married to.)
Sounds to me that you are physically located in the US of A and mentally part of the 7th or 8th century in terms of reality.
But you are entitled to be as miserable as you wish to be. Have a nice life, no matter how brutish it is.

Take care -

The Old Man