Thursday, December 11, 2014

Closing In On Christmas and the End of the Year

The Dotter and Grand-dotter and SIL are due to come down to our slice-o-Heaven in Cleveland this year - and perhaps be here for our last Christmas Eve with my WW2 veteran MIL.
She is 94 and fears she is losing her grasp on reality - and I have been her son-in-law for longer than my mother was alive..  She does her best - still living in her own house! - but once in a while she gets lost in her life.  Vivid dreams of folks alive and dead are now going on trips to places she is not physically able to visit are her stories.
Every Christmas Eve (since we got married), we have done Christmas Eve at my wife's parents' house and Christmas Day at my folks.  The anchor is Christmas Eve at  my MIL's place now.  The great-grandkids are starting to show up at the party - it appears our generation did NOT invent sex.....
Got some Legion stuff to do this month, having problems with a new printer that there is NO REASON FOR!!!!  (sorry).
If I get too busy between now and 1Jan2015 - y'all be safe and as happy as you can, and take care of your loved ones.  Have a safe Christmas and New Year.

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