Monday, December 01, 2014

Peter Absolutely Nails It

One of my daily blog stops is "Bayou Renaissance Man" written by a semi-retired immigrant from South Africa. ( His take on the Ferguson mess is so congruent to mine, he has to be correct.)  But judge for yourself:
On the other hand, far too many on the conservative/libertarian side of the aisle have attempted to portray all those resentful of the Ferguson grand jury verdict as thugs, low-lifes and 'ghetto trash'.  A lot of them are;  but I don't think they're a majority of those concerned by what this incident has revealed.  To 'tar all of them with the same brush' (and yes, I know that expression has its origins in slavery and racial discrimination - but so does the present discussion) is as unjust, in its own way, as to try to portray the rioters and looters as poor misunderstood racially-suffering little baa lambs. I think a key issue hasn't yet been addressed by anybody, and that is:  This isn't really a race issue at all - it's a class issue.  America prides itself on being a relatively 'classless' society;  in fact, one of the factors discussed during the Revolutionary era was the value of doing away with nobility and the upper classes in favor of an egalitarian political solution.  Nevertheless, we do have a series of classes in the USA today, based more on economics than on birth.  Very often, what's couched in terms of 'racism' or racial politics is, in fact, a matter of class. 
There is some food for thought and videos, as well as what I see as a balanced viewpoint.  Read it.

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