Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I Hope It Is Just Me

But I'm kinda spooked...

I have to note the psuedo-savage politically-correct-(we-are-SO-better-and smarter than our consumers, by the way), media is whacking Shrillary very gently - with suspicious timing, I might add. But is Bernie or Fauxcahontas  the best the DNC can do or is there another Obama being groomed?  (If so, s/he would have to be WAY off the LSM radar not to be trumpeted as the Lightbringer was. Maybe a female lesbian mulatto -  Quien sabe?  Better yet, "Quo Vadis?")  I just think it's another case of the lib'ruls eating (if not their young) their movement.  All the voters are supposed to turn out, but I b'lieve  that there are more cheesed off 2012 voters for Obama than happy folks.  I understand that Shrillary has the over-50-and-pissed-off-because-she-still-isn't-Queen demographic sewn up.  But that 'tisn't what is a winning hand in 2016 or what  the election will be about, IMHO.
As others have pointed out, Obama's coalition is shrinking in numbers of willing (live) voters but the "ACORN"-type legacy Democrats still control most local election boar0ds.  I b'lieve it was Uncle Joe Stalin who said (paraphrased - I'm lazy) in effect  "It doesn't matter who votes - it matters who counts the votes."
I'm tired of full boxes of 97% Democrat votes being "found" - looking at YOU Senator Al-the-Diaper-Franken - weeks to months after election day.  You politicians on both sides -looking at YOU Majority-Leader-Boehner - have managed to screw not only the productive portion of our population but the next generation of whatever-you-seem-to-want-to-be-eligible-to-"work"-here-and-who-votes-themselves-more-free-shit.  Right now is not a good time to be 6 and grow up here like grand-dotter will.  She has good parental units - "and the kids turned out all right...."

Just something to think about as we enter a very interesting time in our country....

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