Thursday, September 17, 2015

Yeehaw Steven!!

One of my favorite bloggers, the captain of the magnificent USS Clueless and present proprietor and chief-ccok-and-bottle-washer of has posted some of his thoughts regarding the Repub race for the White House - specifically regarding the Donald:

I can't claim I've been following things very closely, nor that I really care all that much, especially this early. But Trump's amazing ride is spectacular, and I know that the Republican establishment can't figure out the attraction, or perhaps they don't want to admit it to themselves.
If you care for my uninformed opinion, what's going on is that the grass roots are saying this:
Less "go along to get along."
More "In your face, motherfucker."
The clarity of thought expressed that appears inaccessible to the chattering-head pundits is breath-taking.  I am not an anime fan but I have definitely been a Steven Den Beste fan forever.
RTWT for a clear-eyed look at 2015 politics as played (badly) by the Republicans.

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