Saturday, December 19, 2015

Got To Say This

I LIKE hot food, especially hot condiments. Saw this pic on the 'net a coupla months ago.

Loved the name which lead me to research it, as well as the claim that there is no pepper extract in the sauce.  Looked up the folks IN AUSTRALIA who make it.  In small batches. With crowd funding as the cash source.   From scorpion peppers.  With a citrus background taste.  Turned out to be pricey; even before adding the shipping...

Never saw a Brink's truck behind a hearse - so I bought some - she (the Bunster)  was doing a pre-sale to get cash for the next batch of sauce.
Damn glad I did.  Heat?  HELL yes..  Burning-cat-hair-taste I seem to get from capsaicin  extract?  HELL no.  Hydrogen-fusing heat WITH a citrus back-beat taste?  HELL yes.  I paid real American money to buy this for meself (and a good friend) - so bugger off FCC - and I definitely would buy it again.  There are youtube videos of damfools eating a tablespoon of this stuff and acting like rectums, but in MY humble opinion it is a great condimen and shouldn't be abused like thatt. is the website,  As I said - pricy, but OUTSTANDING.  If you are into extreme heat without the extract stank taste, I cheerfully recommend it to you.

A little goes a long, tasty way.  Has the Old Man seal of approval...

BTW - bugger off FCC.  Paid for the sauce with me own cash  and wrote about it because I love  the taste.  Not a big enough 'net wheel to get freebies anyway.....  Loved the sauce.

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