Thursday, December 17, 2015

Shut It Down!

No more of this "continuing resolution" shit because the graft is already baked into the deal by both sides of the UniParty.  Impeach ALL OF THEM for not passing a Constitutionally-required budget.

Imagine you had a meeting at your house to determine the budget for the coming year.  Of course there was food, clothing, cars, all the reasonable stuff, but your teenagers put in money for cocaine or porn or an exotic vacation.  Suddenly it's time to vote and you object to that expense; "we don't have the money to take that trip!" or "you're my kids and I'm responsible for you: you're not getting drugs and porn".  But when you kill the budget, the nosy neighbors threaten to call Child Protective Services on you for starving your kids.
But the Democart spouse is pushing for all or none AS IS THE REPUBLICAN PARTY and the nosy neighbor aka MSM/CBSNBCABCCNNFOX junta are wailing and covering....  the politicians' asses.

And you the American taxpayer-citizen get another fiscal rectal probe.  Which isn't as bad as the one that's planned for our progeny.

God help our grandkids....

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