Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Why Not ?

Assuming I had a bajillion bucks, a bad haircut and "Make America Great Again" slogan - hell, if I were Donald Trump?
And really really wanted to be Prez?  (Anyone who wishes to manipulate the levers of power is dangerous.  Some more than others..)

Adopt HST's dictum that "The Buck Stops Here" - and make it stick.  Open decisions are FAR easier to explain/defend.  Use the "bully pulpit" even harder than Reagan.  But SHOW it.  Take responsibility - hell, even talk about the 10th Amendment and how much taxpayer money could be saved.

The Donald has shown flashes of being able to tap the present gestalt.  He still hasn't dropped the dime on what his budget would look like - and he has some experience with budgets.  First he'd stop the Continuing Resolutions that are finishing the destruction of the US economy...

I still hate ALL the candidates for Prez on both ends of the Uniparty....

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