Tuesday, February 16, 2016

This Will Be Interesting

God help us.

Scalia's death sans autopsy might be a very bad thing WRT our government.  I have seen a lot of murmurs about "covert action" but that is blogchatter.
There is no indication yet that there was any hint of foul play.  That I've seen.  If any is found, the SHTF.
I have a hard time finding a "villain" but there sure are historical precedents.
My question is this - have we reached the "enemy action" level of alert?  Is one side or the other about to  "get froggy"?  Or are there 3 or 4 or 6 sides?  That would be "multiculturalism in action", indeed...

Stay tuned - same Bat-time - same Bat-channel from Wash DC - Home Of Your Betters!
The Beltway folks fight each other to spend our grand-kids money!  And do nothing except fill their coffers and smooth the way for their progeny.

I am thoroughly disgusted by the antics of the R/DNC.  There is not a candidate on either wing I would vote for.

Like Jubal Harshaw, it may be time to think about burning my DD214.  The country I served doesn't exist any more.  Thank God Her protectors are still doing their best.

Live long and prosper.


Cosplasyky UK said...

HAHA,I definitely love this kind of blog style, free of words, just personal expressions, without offense,keep doing.

The Old Man said...

It is what it is. Thanks for noticing.