Tuesday, July 05, 2016


The Uniparty doesn't even bother to cover the tracks of their moneyed directors.  Comey is dancing for Loretta who is dancing for BJ who is dancing for Shrillary.  Fraud on the part of the Dems will elect her.  And the barbarians will attempt to crush America, thanks to Obozo arming the islamists.

Molon labe.  Not my guns, but my assets.  I will survive for a while as the EBT hordes destroy the democrat strongholds.  Let BLM feed the lampreys without my contribution...  Let Valerie and Huma try to finish the takeover that Hussein began.
And the nukes will fly...

Nice planet we had here.  Too bad the human race was too fucking stupid to keep it.  Maybe the cockroaches will have intelligence enough to reach the stars.

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