Thursday, December 15, 2016

Just Sayin'

Seems to me that since the election not only is there a groundswell (aka "Astroturf") to overturn the electoral college results, but a "movement" to legitimize the illegals. Perhaps connected?
Yes, I know, this had always been a base goal of the DNC.  It has never been a good idea, despite the squawking.and rewards given to them.
The polls continue to be slanted left.  I realize we're all shocked, but the MSM drumbeat continues to the detriment of their credibility.  (BTW - the MSM reminds me of a sled going downhill SWEARING that wasn't the initial idea.)  But "the beat goes on".
Sucks to be you.  The tiny souls you had were sold to the lib-ruls years ago - and the exposition of the deal to the "consumers" does not negate it.  Good luck regaining credibility...
Xin loi, m'noi...

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