Monday, February 06, 2017

A Word To Both Sides - What We Have Is

 A Kristallnicht.  In Berkeley, oriented to destroy the first amendment.  A take from an un-named  blogger stated that Trump should have Milo escorted into the UC-B auditorium by NG troops and proclaim this would be the same as Little Rock (kids, ask your parents or grand parents about Eisenhower).  Would that help?  Would it hurt?  There would be casualties - on both sides.  Which side would Soros' BLM come down on if six rioters were hurt or killed, and three cops were in the ICU?  I think that the claim would be the that peace officers had no place there...  (See Baltimore's Grey riots due to a death.)
Does it make a difference?  I'd like to think so - but I saw a personage (politically correct nomenclature) stating that this may be the beginning of the next civil war.  The last one marked this country for almost 200 years and I'm sure another would stop America in her tracks and make her a second or third class country.

America survived Carter, Clinton, both Bushes and Obama.  Don't open a can of whoop-ass over a real-estate magnate that you think prevented a Democrat nirvana under Hillary Clinton.  Remember what happened in 1861 to 1865, if you know history..
I guess the victors will again (re)write history...

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