Friday, March 24, 2017

Seems To Me

That since Chuckie Schumer has chosen the Gorsuch nomination as the hill that the democrats are willing to die on, he should be helped.  Make the democrats do the old-fashioned constantly speaking filibuster and keep them talking until they either win or give up.  A week?  Cool.  Two weeks? Better.
Until the next Supreme Court judge dies??  Even better.
Make them shut down the government.  Won't get the MSM coverage or outrage we've seen before, but the feet to the fire might help.
Couldn't hurt.  Imagine the outrage if Ginsberg died/retired prior to a relacement appointment for Scalia to the SCUSA..

The exploding heads would resemble fireworks....But I've never seen a Constitutional requirement for the number of justices.
Just sayin'.

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