Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Let's Solve This Minnesota /Chicago/New York/Shangri-La Police Shooting Crap Now

1.  If an officer does not have a body cam active and discharges a weapon - the officer has no limited immunity from prosecution under criminal or civil law.  It is part of one's job to ensure your equipment is functional.  See number 2.
2.  If an officer cannot produce a shift's worth of body cam footage (and patrol car footage, if assigned to a car/vehicle) for archive and review,, said officer shall be deemed as not working said shift and no compensated for that shift.  This specifically includes overtime and court time that is compensated.

Let's start with this and tighten it up later.
I'm sure Lawdog would have preferred NOT being payed to being immortalized in a video of  the Pink Bunny Suit incident...

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