Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sunday Schtuff a day early

Been an interesting week. Tomorrow I water-test the waterfall for leaks. L&T wife, MIL, and son are going to "Lion King" tomorrow ( saw it w/L&T and MIL in Toronto - once a life is ENUFF!). May put a coupla miles on the Kaw tomorrow while they are gone.
My birthday is in Sept, so Son gifted me with the "Heroes" DVD. Daughter and I are both fans, so it is appreciated. L&T wanted to buy me a freakin' recliner the size of a '57 Chevy for b'day w/leather, but I asked that she buy this instead. Looks like exactly what I want....

The Clinton machine is exercising itself. My bet is that she erases BH Obama and his "Hope" aspirations instead of co-opting him. But the Clintons are FAR too politically-savvy to write off.

In a great display of bridge-too-far-syndrome. Fred agreed to support an amendment to the Constitution against same-sex marriage. Seems to me we'd all be better off if he supported the Constitution as written instead of amending the document. But that's just me, maybe.

The video making it around the blogosphere is a sure cure for the blues. Watch it in good health. If you liked "300", you'll love this. (H/T to Wyatt)

So do you think Meeshigan is gonna end the year with the same coach? Who'll care?

Remember - Insanity is hereditary. You get it from your kids.....

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