Thursday, November 22, 2007

Third Thursday in November

May the only bird you get today have drumsticks.... The lovely-and-talented wife has her "bunnies" home for the holidays, and we are headed for the MILs this afternoon, turkey in tow. Should be an all-star eatin' afternoon. Hope y'all have near as much fun as we're planning on having. But as you're praying before dinner tonight, please remember those who are away from home helping the downtrodden and oppressed. Pray for them too.

Somehow, I think that we are the victims of our own success in America. We have made it possible for even wastes-of-oxygen like Harry Reid to pull down a fat paycheck (plus bribes) as he sells his country to the Hungarian Bidder and his running buddies. So far we have the resiliency to withstand all of this crap, but a breaking point has to occur sooner or later. I prefer later... Needless to say, it is wearing a lot of Americans down. But it has not yet crushed our spirit.

I'm not even going to rail this morning about the feckless State Department or the spayed CIA. Or that cancer known as Turtle Bay. You all know the stories as well as I do. But those problems will still be festering there come Friday or next Monday. If you can, enjoy your blessings and families today (and everyday). Y'all be good to each other while I'm gone.

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