Monday, January 18, 2010

Butt-Ugly Suspicions Department

I heered on the ray-didio t'other day that the Cleveland School District had changed the name to the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. If this is a prelude to an attempt to formulate a regional education system to go with the recently voted-in county government reforms, all I can say is "Welcome to Mo-Town South." The Cleveland schools used to be amongst the best public systems, but was forced to bus students away from their neighborhoods beginning in 1979 due to a 1973 lawsuit. Before the grand sociological experiment was ended in 1996, "white flight" to the suburbs and exurbs had destroyed the once-proud system.
U-Gene and Davy Quolke, watch your step. The heyday of the Cleveland Teachers' Union should bloody well be over. Or maybe you didn't hear the WOIO story about the teacher running a crap game in her room in John Adams High....

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