Monday, January 03, 2011

Brainless Futility Not On A Federal Level

So long, Brownies, I'd like to say it has been fun, but I shouldn't lie... The Kleveland Klowns fired their head coach today, paving the way for their 6th head coach since their ill-starred return-from-limbo in 1999.
I went to my first Browns game in 1957. The L&T and I had our first date at the first Monday Night Football game (Browns 31 - Jets 21, September 21, 1970). I was at the Red Right 88 playoff loss to Oakland. I was at the coldest game ever played in Cleveland. I have lived and died with the Browns since 1957.

No mas. Can't do it no more. I have finally had my fanhood completely removed by the latest front office follies. Look at the crappy stats:
1957-2010 308-341-8
1965-2010 240-310-3 (1964 was the last year the Browns won an NFL Championship)
1999-2010 64-128 (1999 was the year the NFL "gave" Cleveland a chance to buy a new franchise after Modell took the original Browns to Baltimore)
Notice a pattern?

And now Holmgren is gonna save the team by taking over and installing the West Coast Offense. News flash, Mikey, it gets damn cold and windy in November and December in Cleveland. But you're the Big Show, I'm given to understand. Maybe that'll be the magical cure.

Good luck - lemme know how that works out for ya. Try to at least get to the Super Bowl before my son dies of old age (you have until around 2060-but you haven't done it yet) - I bloody well know I'll never see it. Mayhap my 2 year old grand-daughter will, but right now it's an even-money bet she won't before retiring.
A pox on the entire NFL house. May your labor negotiations founder publicly.

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Wonderduck said...

While I understand your frustration (hey, I'm a Cubs fan!), do be aware that it has been known to get a little windy, cold and snowy up in a place called "Green Bay". If I remember correctly, Holmgren did a passingly fair job up there.